Friday, March 6, 2009

Titan Vs Nubian has been taken down due to a pending lawsuit with Titan Media. Out of the thousands of media on, it seems a few photos and a video clip of Titan’s models were posted by a couple of members onto our site. Oddly enough the media did not feature Nubians. When Titan Media requested they be removed, we did so immediately. This was not enough for Titan Media. They wish to own's soul. In other words, when you type in you would be redirected to Titan Media products. A site that in our opinion really doesn’t cater to our viewers or any of the needs of the black gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gender community. This particularly does not sit right with the founders and I'm sure with you the viewers and faithful members.

What can we do? We have a huge membership and a viewer base large enough to be heard at Titan Media headquarters. As far as we are concerned we have immediately taken down their media and are now personally choosing to boycott anything to do with Titan Media Group.

It is time for us to stick together and not be bullied into giving up our community.

We have prided ourselves in working with any porn companies that had DMCA claims and have provided media approved by them. That said, we welcome your thoughts on this matter and will pass them on to Titan Media about their attempted takeover of They may be Titans but we are Nubians.

Jason & TDL founders ?subject=Titan Vs Nubian

P.S - Be sure to pass this onto your friends.